The Future Student: I’m not done yet

The beauty of Teched is that it’s room after room, hall after hall, packed full of passionate people who devote their lives to IT. A secondary benefit of teched is that Microsoft has a chance to run an Academic Day, for those equally passionate IT Educators.

One of the sessions was named upon the countless questions to Microsoft and Students in general, “How do we get students through the door?” or “The Future Student”. I was fortunate enough to be able to present this session. However, I believe in the heat of the moment some of the key ideals were lost by some of those in attendance. And I mean only some.

Because I’m studying Education and have been in a fair share of classrooms already, (as an external observer, engaged student and interactive teacher) I can see the problems faced by school students, high schools students and university students. I’ll be the first to admit, I’m not an expert, but to make the claim that “you don’t understand” is a complete cop out. DO NOT use me to mask your guilt of the roll you play in educational mediocrity.

In addition, “This has been the same for the last 20 years” is not an excuse. We don’t look at third world countries and say “well, i mean it’s been the same for so long now, might as well just get used to it”. There are people out there trying, they’re doing what they can to help. If anything, comments like this reflect poorly on you as a educator for recognising an issue and doing nothing about it, Not to mention the fact you are in the wrong session.

I started my discussion with “This isn’t a presentation, this is a call to action”. It was fantastic to see the enthusiasm from @CurtinUniAnd I’d love to see the results from the other Universities who got the message.

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