When an assignment wants me to blog something.

For one of my Uni courses, I’ve been lucky enough to have to make blog posts about specific areas of the assignment, and how it relates to a whole heap of different educational concepts.

Now I originally thought that this would be a perfect thing to throw up into a word document and just be done with. But no… That wont happen.

So alternatively, I thought blogspot would be another place I could throw it. But then a friend mentioned the SEO implications of having a million different things with my name thrown around willy nilly, and that’s just something I’d rather not even think about.

So in the end I’ve decided to just post it all here. So, just like the rest of my blog, the next 6 posts will be irrelivant rubbish to nearly all of you.

If however, any of you are interested in technology in education feel free to have a read.

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