Key Learning Moments. (EDUC1751)

Experimenting with new software is always a challenge. Most of the time the interface and functionality are well designed, you can look at it and know roughly what a button does or how something works. However, this was not so much the case with the smartboard notebook software. While it was one of the more difficult learning curves, it was still a positive. This was because of the opportunities it presents to teachers who are able to learn how it functions. The most impressive aspect of the smartboad is the actual smartboard itself. While it may be currently limited to the out of box software, it can still be used for many different applications and tasks. Trying to figure out exactly what they are however, is what I found the most exciting.

While there are not usually, any major issues when using the smartboard hardware, if I were in a classroom it could have ended in a completely different way. This technology takes time to use and understand, after spending four full days using the smarboard I believe I have only just scratched the surface of what it can accomplish within a classroom setting.

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