Pedagogical Context. (EDUC1751)

The Artefact is aimed at assisting Stage 6 Food Technology HSC Students with revision work prior to their HSC Exam. This allowed our resource to focus on the following outcomes:

H1.1 explains manufacturing processes and technologies used in the production of food products (Board of Studies, 2009).

H1.3 justifies processes of food product development and manufacture in terms of market, technological and environmental considerations (Board of Studies, 2009).

Our resource explores these outcomes by directly and indirectly making reference to every learn to / learn about within the outcomes matrix. This is then supported by activities and tasks built around a student being able to demonstrate their understanding of each of the outcomes.

While the content can be completed individually, the resource is meant to focus on class / small group work that each student assists with. This is achieved with the inclusion of the Quality Teaching Framework by requiring each student within the group to demonstrate their understanding of the course content. This is in addition to relating it back to the core course objectives and operating within the model framework.


Board of Studies. (2009). Food Technology Stage 6 Syllabus. Sydney: BOS NSW.

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