Resource Intellectual Rigour and Engagement. (EDUC1751)

The Quality Teaching Model discusses the importance of using prior knowledge in class activities. In a sense, every smartboard lesson achieves this by relying on the student’s prior learning about facets of technology to understand how to use new technology. In addition, the fact the resource was planned around the concept of course revision, rather than delivery also supports the inclusion of the QTM framework (DET Professional Support & Curriculum Directorate, 2003).

Creating this resource in this manner was something new for all of us, and gauging how effective it will be in the classroom is another new task. Because our intention was to create new methods of revising knowledge, you have to bridge the gap between how they learned it the first time, and how they are reviewing it now. This is assisted by the concept of “Digital Natives”. This concept states that that people born within and after the 1980’s have adapted to technology easier because of their interaction with it from an early age (Bennett, Maton, & Kervin, 2008).

The classes I have witnessed where there is an Electronic Smartboard, comprise of the teacher demonstrating tasks, writing notes and generally allowing the students to see how it works. This resource however requires the students to become involved, they must also learn how to interact with the board and use the tools at their disposal. Because of the required level of engagement, students will be more likely to be involved in the activity and willing to complete it.


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