Windows 8 in Education and the Classroom, a Series

I have recently been following a collection of the twitter hashtags for educators both locally and abroad (#Ozteachers, #EDTech, #EDChat). The one thing I’ve noticed is the constant spam of teachers promoting  the “top # iPad apps for the classroom” or “The top # iPhone apps for the classroom”, but one thing I’m yet to see ANYWHERE on the internet, is a teacher putting forward thought into what could be the next big thing in education. There is no reason we as educators have to play catch-up with technology.

Windows 8 launch is nearing closer, and with it, a new option for tablet devices. It is still a little while away, but from what I have seen, holds great potential for classroom learning and general classroom usage.

But what does this mean for me as a teacher?

Nothing… I personally know teachers who are still using blackboards and overheads with no intention of joining the digital revolution. However, for those teachers who want to use technology in education, it means a chance to get in on the ground level, and help shape the applications you will tweet about in the future. It is a chance to have that idea you have always had floating around given a chance.

The ideas and concepts I have come up with range in their application, however hopefully by the time Windows 8 launches, some of them will be ready.


  • Student Analytics – What can devices we give students tell us through usage?
  • Student Engagement – What can we do with the devices to keep our students engaged?
  • Student Binder – What information can they store, organise and present?
  • Student Records – How to we capture, store and present information on our students?


Each of these will get further explanation in upcoming blog posts as they develop, and I am hoping you will help shape them by having your say.

I believe Windows 8 on a tablet device has a definite belonging within our education system and our classroom. By applying our passion and interest in technology (that is not even out yet), we help to increase technology adoption and practical application within our schools, our lessons and our students.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion however, if you don’t agree, why?


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