You only have to click once

Not every school is lucky enough to have the latest and greatest hardware and software. Nevertheless, when your infrastructure is just the slightest bit slow it becomes unstable in the wrong hands.

While this is a problem I can imagine popping up in an IT helpdesk job, seeing a student open 104  (I wish I was kidding) instances of Word, it hurts a little on the inside. Why did they open it 104 times? I do not know, surely they noticed it around the mid to late 50’s that it was actually working, just not as fast as they had hoped. Regardless, with the concept of digital natives knowing just that little bit more than the average bear, I can only assume that they would know 1 click = 1 result, be it instantly or in 15 seconds time.

For an unengaged student, a technical problem is just another excuse as to why they cannot complete a task, I know this because I am also guilty of using this exact excuse more than once…

I do not see how Technology in Education can ever be perfect, but when logging in and starting work takes at minimum 10 minutes, it adds up quickly. Technology is meant to enable us as teachers to teach easier, faster and better, not drain our time troubleshooting, restarting and relocating students (if there is even enough alternate seats).

How many weeks have other teachers lost while waiting for technology?

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