Launch of the Teacher Collection

In the middle of November last year I had an idea for an app. Having spent time working on android and iOS for work, I thought it would be reasonably interesting to get one of my own apps in the stores for once. But after some planning and research, it felt like the right decision to spend some time investigating how the Windows 8 store works. Four months later and I’ve published 6 apps to the Windows 8 store. I have also just launched a new websitewith an integrated web service back end to support several of those applications.

The Teacher Collection is the first suite of connected apps targeted towards Education on the Windows 8 platform. It allows academics, educators and the general public to create, synchronise and share quality resources from their Windows 8 device to the public instantly.

At the moment the Teacher Collection is comprised of 5 applications, with another 5 in research or development. With the addition of each new app, the Teacher Collection will hopefully grow stronger for those educators willing to try something new in the classroom.

The Teacher Collection is by no means finished growing, and is being updated and contributed to daily, but for the most part is 100% usable right now.

If you are interested in integrating your Windows 8 device into the classroom then The Teacher Collection might be the apps for you.

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