I’m a Finalist! That means you get free stuff!

As part of the LifeHacker / Microsoft Australia Windows 8 competition, I submitted an application called “Sort It”.Sort It, is a Windows 8 application for teachers and students, that allows the teacher to map processes, recipes, instructions and cycles into complex list items that require students to correctly arrange and complete where required. All the work is synchronised back to the teachers device and can be viewed on any Windows 8 machine once logged in with their Teacher Collection account. This is ideal for helping teach anything from safety processes, cooking recipes and even assessing students’ knowledge of a prescribed text.

At the moment, Sort It is in the running along with 5 other applications in the competition finals, these apps will be judged by a panel of experts on several different key areas. One of those being downloads / popularity.

Due to the complex data structure of Sort It (plus the other Teacher Collection apps), and the heavy cloud integration, a Teacher Collection account is not usually free. All the costs go straight in to hosting the Teacher Collection website, back end web services and cloud based raven database storage.

However, for the next week or so. Anyone that creates a Teacher Collection account will have their account enabled for free.

Yes you’re right, that is amazing. How can you thank me you might ask? Well if you’d be so kind as to download Sort It, I’d be super chuffed.

So if you know a teacher, tutor or lecturer that might be interested in Sort It, or some of the other popular Teacher Collection applications like Lesson Plan Manager or Essay Marker, let them know that now is the time to check them out

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