Windows 8 App Review Helper

Sometimes the hardest part of releasing software isn’t actually writing it, but how you deal with it once it’s released. If you’re a small start-up or have limited budget, advertising might not be a top priority (even sometimes with budget, it’s still not!).

The good thing is, just like all the major app stores, the Windows 8 store has built in review and rating functionality that helps users when making app decisions.

While that might not be the best thing depending on your user base, it is definitely something to consider.

Unlike Windows Phone, the Windows Store doesn’t have any inbuilt methods to help guide the user through a review / rating story. This is where the Review Helper comes in.

The Review Helper builds upon my previously mentioned SettingsManager, to store version numbers and run counts.

Using some basic logic it decided if the current version of the app has been executed x amount of times, and if so, prompts the user to review it. If the user accepts, the review panel from the store is loaded and ready for the user. If not, the user will not be reminded again until you release an update.

I’ve also included some tests in the below code, and built a test repository where you can see it work in a real App available here:

Let me know what you think.

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